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Name Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Portmann
Current place of work University of Zurich, Faculty of Law
Position Professor
Field of research National and international Labour and Employment Law as well as Private Law
Professional career 1997 – present: Professor in Labour and Employment Law and in Private Law, University of Zurich

2001 – present: Consultant in a law firm, Switzerland

1987 – 1996: Lecturer in Private Law, University of Zurich

1983 – 1986: Attorney in a law firm, Switzerland

List of the 5 most relevant publications 1. Swiss Labour and Employment Law, published by Dike, third edition, Zurich/St. Gall 2013, XVI/396 pp., with J.-F. Stoeckli, ISBN 978-3-03751-525-9

2. Commentary on the Tenth Title of the Swiss Code of Obligations: The Employment Contract, in Basel Commentary, Code of Obligations I, published by Helbing Lichtenhahn, sixth edition, Basel 2015, pp. 1771–2261, with Roger Rudolph, ISBN 978-3-7190-3171-8

3. Law of Torts, published by Schulthess Juristische Medien, Zurich/Basel/Geneva 2013, XXVI/260 pp., with A. K. Schnyder, M. Mueller-Chen, ISBN 978-3-7255-6726-3

4. The Concept of „Employee“: The Position in Switzerland, in: Bernd Waas, Guus Heerma van Voss (ed.): Restatement of Labour Law in Europe, Volume I: The Concept of Employee, Hart Publishing, Oxford and Portland, Oregon 2017, pp. 697 – 719, ISBN 978-1-50991-244-5

5. New Forms of Employment in Liechtenstein, in: Roger Blanpain, Frank Hendrickx, Bernd Waas (ed.): New Forms of Employment in Europe, Bulletin of Comparative Labour Relations no. 94, Verlag Wolters Kluwer, Alphen aan den Rijn 2016, pp. 263 – 268, ISBN 978-90-411-6239-7

Other professional activity (memberships, grants, etc.) – Member of the European Labour Law Network ELLN

– Member of the Europa Institut Zurich EIZ (member of the board)

– Member of the Swiss Institute for Labour and Employment Law (member of the board)

– Member of the Swiss Lawyers Society

– Member of the Centre for Liechtenstein Law (member of the board)

– Chairman of the editorial board of the Swiss Journal for Labour and Employment Law and Unemployment Insurance ARV

– Vice Dean and Director of the Institute of Law at the University of Zurich 2010 – 2014