Comparative Civil

Service Network

Name Prof. Dr. Friedrich Michael van der Meer
Current place of work University of Leiden, Institute of Public Administration
Position Professor by special appointment Comparative Public Sector and Civil Service Reform
Field of research Public Sector ande Civil servive reform
Professional career CAOP professor in Comparative Public Sector and Civil Service Reform 2012-

Senior Fellow Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG). 2007-

Director Centre for Public Sector Reform Leiden 2006-

Director Master program Management Public Sector 2017-

Associate professor Comparative public Administration 1998-2012


List of the 5 most relevant publications 1. Frits M van der Meer & Trui P.S. Steen (2009), Dutch civil service leadership torn between managerial and policy oriented leadership roles, in Peter Leisink, Tony Middlebrooks & Jeff Raffel (eds), Public Sector Leadership: International Challenges and Perspectives, 91-109, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.


2. Frits M. van der Meer (2009), Public Sector reform in Western Europe and the rise of the enabling state: an approach to analysis, in R Mathur (ed.), Glimpses of Civil Service reform, 171-195, Hyderabad, Icfai Press.


3. Frits M. van der Meer & Jos C.N. Raadschelders (2014) The Social Profile of Administrative Elites in the Netherlands, 1980-2010 in: International Review of Administrative Sciences.


4. Frits M. van der Meer, Jos C.N. Raadschelders & Theo A.J. Toonen (2015), Comparative civil service systems: Comparative Perspectives. Houndsmill: Palgrave/McMillan.


5. Frits M. van der Meer  (2011), Civil Service Systems in Western Europe. Cheltenham/Aldershot: Edward Elgar.


Other professional activity (memberships, grants, etc.) Etc.