Comparative Civil

Service Network

About us

The “Civil Administration Research Group” was established on the 1st of January 2017 within the framework of the National University of Public Service with the aim to provide complex legal and HR analysis of the civil service. To this point the Research Group has conducted legal analysis of the Hungarian civil service and has provided recommendations for future direction of the regulation.To launch a network for widespread scientific collaboration bringing together a wealth of international and national civil service expertise across the areas of civil service law is a priority for the Research Group. To this end it proposes the establishment of the Comparative Civil Service Network. The Network serves as an independent organisation comprising of researchers from European countries, and studies the present status of civil service as well as the prospective directions for strategic development.

Our Members

Prof. Dr. Kadriye Bakirci

Prof. Dr. Lucas Bento de Carvalho

dr. Valentina Franca

Prof. Dr. Senad Jašarević

Prof. Dr. Todor Kalamatiev

Dr. habil. Péter Karácsony

Prof. Dr. György Kiss

Prof. Dr. Anabelén Casares Marcos

Prof. Dr. Friedrich Michael van der Meer

Prof. Dr. Daiva Petrylaitė

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Portmann

Dr. Aleksandar Ristovski

Dr. Magdolna Márta Vallasek