Comparative Civil

Service Network

Name Dr. Aleksandar Ristovski
Current place of work ‘Ss. Cyril and Methodius’ University in Skopje,

Faculty of Law ‘Iustinianus Primus’ – Skopje

Position Assistant Professor

(Department of Labour and Social Security Law)

Field of research labour law, international labour Law, European Labour Law, anti-discrimination law, flexibility and security of the labour market, industrial relations, civil service law
Professional career 2015 – Assistant Professor

at the undergraduate (Bachelor) and postgraduate (Master) studies within the Faculty of Law ‘Iustinianus Primus’ – Skopje

2012 – 2015 – Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Law ‘Iustinianus Primus’ – Skopje

2008 – 2012 – Teaching Fellow at the Faculty of Law ‘Iustinianus Primus’ – Skopje

List of the 5 most relevant publications 1. The Concept of ‘Employee’: The position in the Republic of Macedonia’, In: Editors. Bernd Waas and Guus Heerma van Voos. Restatement of Labour Law in Europe, Volume I, The Concept of Employee: Hart Publishing, 2017. pp.219-251

2. New forms of employment in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, In: Editors. Roger Blanpain, Frank Hendrickx, Guest editor. Bernd Waas. New Forms of Employment in Europe. Alphen aan den Rijn: Kluwer Law International, 2016. pp. 217-223. (BULLETIN OF COMPARATIVE LABOUR RELATIONS (0770- 3724)) 94

3. Collective Bargaining in the Public Sector of the Republic of Macedonia with a particular review of the Collective Bargaining in the Health Care, in: Business Law, Edition of Law Theory and Practice, Year XIV, No.28: Macedonian Lawyers Association, 2013. pp.255-278

4. Implementation of the labour relations (public service) Convention, 1978 (No.151) of the International Labour Organization in Macedonian labour legislation, In: Labour and Social Law, Journal of Theory and Practice of Labour and Social Law, Year XVI, No.2: Association of Labour Law and Social Security of Serbia, 2012. pp. 1-25.

5. Trade Union Pluralism – Progression or Regression in the Protection of Workers’ Rights in Republic of Macedonia, In: Editor. Dr. Béla Galgóczi. SEER, Journal for Labour and Social Affairs in Eastern Europe, Volume 15, Number 3: European Trade Union Institute, 2012. pp. 391-401.

Other professional activity (memberships, grants, etc.) · Member of the Study Group on a Restatement of Labour Law in Europe / National Expert for the Republic of Macedonia in the European Labour Law Network

· Member of CEElex database and network of national legal experts on labour and industrial relations in Central and Eastern Europe

· National expert and a team member from “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University in the “Restructuring of Companies and the EU law” IMPULSE project (a project supported by the Austrian Agency for International Cooperation – OeAD)

· External Collaborator of the ILO in the capacity of national expert in several labour law and industrial relations’ related projects

· Mentor in the Legal Clinic for Vulnerable Groups of the Faculty of Law ‘Iustinianus Primus’ – department of social protection

· National Trainer for Youth Rights at Work (a project supported by the ILO)

· Trade Union Trainer (after successful completion of the ETUI Education course ‘Training Eurotrainers – level 2’)